Why List With Us?

Listing with Jody Davis gives you access to the best experience Vilano Beach & St. Augustine has to offer. Jody actively maintains communication with buyers interested in the area and is often able to bring both sides to the transaction.

All Listing Agents Are Not Equal

Jody has been helping sellers and investors navigate the Saint Augustine market for years. His reputation in St Augustine and especially Vilano beach is unsurpassed.

When you list your property with Jody’s team, you get years of experience with a team of professionals to assure a timely sale at top market value. Sound a little canned or copied? Not in the case of Jody Davis. When you look how he has transformed value in Vilano Beach, downtown Saint Augustine, and the northern district of Saint Augustine with new home sales you can see the proof is in the numbers.

As Jody states: “ I bring a broad level of expertise in real estate, values, construction, finance / lending, insurance and development”. Wouldn’t it make sense to work with a Realtor who is invested into this area?

Every listing opportunity is treated as an important piece of this community.