Meet Jody

Jody Davis is a true Vilano Beach native. He is fully equipped to show you the ropes when it comes to the laid back, surfing, fishing, and family focused lifestyle that many dream to live. He also has the experience in real estate, construction, lending, & insurance to ensure the business side of the transaction is handled with every 'T' crossed and every 'I' dotted.

Q & A With Jody Davis

In simple terms, what did your life look like before you entered the new construction world?

After I built my own personal home on Vilano Beach as owner builder, I then purchased two vacant lots, designed cottages, got them engineered, did the permitting, managed the build and while they were being built I got my real estate license to sell them as well. The true start-to-finish journey was one that enthralled me to a level that I could not be pulled from.

How did you go from pro surfer to new construction developer?

That was a long curved path from leaving the athlete role to marketing and sales with the global band “No Fear” as the east coast ambassador for the company.  I then moved to the mortgage industry while moonlighting with the family business as a insurance adjuster for catastrophic sinkhole collapses.  I finally went from building my personal home to spec homes.

How long were you in the mortgage business and how do you think that experience helps you in your current line of work?

4 years, absolutely it helps, having a full in depth understanding to the lending side, the construction and transactional aspects of the sale allows me to bring a level of experience and knowledge the buyer or seller that is unparalleled in my opinion.

Describe your “Ah-Ha!” moment that shaped your decision to work in this industry?

It would have to be when I got the “certificate of occupancy” on my personal home and bringing that excitement to others searching for a new home brings me great joy. It allows me to work with passion as I help buyers on this journey.

What have you learned from your experience in this business?

That is a tough one. The most obvious is the level of non-negotiating the national builders partake in when a new buyer is looking at one of their homes. They do not allow any personal preferences of the buyers to shine through. They say “No” to every request. Part of passion is allowing the future owner of the home make it their own with colors and other small choices in the finishes of the home.

What is the most important thing for your client to know when doing business with you?

I would want them to know the amount of integrity I have when they decide to do business with us. This is a partnership and we will cross the finish line of their new home together and on the same page without major disputes.

What do you love the most about what you do? 

I love creating a home from raw land for a family or new owner to start making memories in, such as having cookouts etc.

What’s at stake for you?

Neighborhood pride, I do 90% of my spec homes within 15 blocks of my home and neighborhood where I have lived since 1992.

Why should people come to you? What do you bring to the table over other realtors?

I bring a broad level of expertise in real estate, values, construction, finance/lending, insurance and experience in the area. I am building developing in an area where I live and have lived for years.

What are the benefits of buying a new construction home over a resale home?

All of our homes are built at or over the FEMA flood level, out of the 30+ homes we have built, none flooded or had any damage. Higher home values, better resale.

Why St Johns County? In particular, why St Augustine and Vilano?

Skip to why St Augustine and Vilano, I sell what I believe in and with passion. After traveling the world for 20+ yrs surfing and fishing and seeing so much I still highly value this area as a world class community. Sunrises on the ocean, sunsets on the river, both within 5 blocks of each-other. The history downtown. Short drive to Jacksonville. I ask you, “why anywhere else?”

Why did you choose to live in Vilano?

My father chose vilano because it offered the ocean and the river, we are a surfing fishing family and this little 3 mile stretch offered us both. I am raising my 4 children here along with my wife and it embodies what we want for our children. A small caring, safe community nestled between the ocean and the river. Paradise!

What do you see happening in the future to this area?

I see the values going way up primarily because the raw land is almost gone. When that is gone the only way to buy a new home is to buy an existing home, demolish it, and then build new. That is an expensive recipe.

"I bring a broad level of expertise in real estate, values, construction, finance / lending, insurance and development. Wouldn’t it make sense to work with a Realtor who's experience is multifaceted & invested in this area?"

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