Why Build New?

Opting to build your dream house can be the best decision you ever make. The feeling of the first night sleep in a house you long dreamt of owning is a feeling not everyone has the opportunity to experience. Let us help you in selecting the perfect lot & house to fulfill your dreams.

Floor Plan

If you purchase a new built home, you have the opportunity to work with the contractor to create a layout that works for your life. If you’re buying new construction, the layout will be modern, with wide-open floor plans. Kitchens that flow into family rooms so you can cook and oversee homework or watch the game while entertaining and sharing family time. Rooms in new construction homes – especially bedrooms and bathrooms – tend to be larger and brighter, with lots of natural light.


You can upgrade finishes if you connect with the builder before construction is completed. It may cost you a bit more, but adding your own personal touches may be worth it to you. In addition, it adds the benefit of your taste without the stress of taking on a whole building project.


Our homes are positioned in areas that present a whole lifestyle. There is nothing canned or commonplace about what we build. Our offerings are positioned in a way that promotes memories that last a life time.


A newly built home requires less maintenance since everything from appliances to the HVAC system and roof are brand new. This means you can better predict monthly homeownership costs, since you’ll likely spend less to maintain your home. Warranties can protect your new home before you need to undertake any major repairs. New appliances and air conditioning systems means high efficiency operation.  In addition, new homes are built to current building codes. What this gives you is peace of mind that from structural requirements to base floor elevation has been considered by professional engineers. Insurance companies recognize this difference and monthly insurance cost are much less with a new home.